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Body Massage

Restore inner peace and harmony through the power of massage. Whether you are looking for a relaxing or deep tissue massage, this customised treatment, following a thorough consultation, will ensure your every need is met.

60 mins £75.00

30 mins £40.00

indian mass SW.png

Indian Head Massage

Restore inner harmony 

with this deeply relaxing eastern style massage influenced by the principles of Ayurveda. It is the perfect treatment to release tension stored deep within the shoulders, neck and scalp.

30 mins £40.00

bamboo mass SW.png

Warm Bamboo

Deep Tissue Massage

 This deep tissue massage uses heated bamboo to ease muscle tension, boosts circulation and improves mobility. Targeting your areas of concern with firm pressure, this massage works therapeutically into deep muscle layers, addressing trigger points with release techniques, aiding stress relief and joint mobilisation.

75 mins £90.00

Spa hot stone.png

Hot Stone Massage

A therapeutic full body massage using our specially blended aromatherapy oils and hot volcanic stones to relieve deep muscle tension. The deep penetrating heat from the stones are used to massage the body using the traditional techniques to ease the pain and tension of aching muscles.

75 mins £95.00

pregnancy mass SW.png

Pregnancy Massage

A nurturing massage treatment perfect for the mum to be. This relaxing massage is a specifically designed massage focusing on alleviating muscular aches on stressed areas, helping you to feel relaxed and restored.

Not suitable for the first

trimester of pregnancy.

60 mins £75.00

balinese mass SW.png

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage is a specialized form of massage that utilizes techniques and practices drawn from traditional balinese medicine. This holistic approach to massage is designed to promote healing and relaxation, and it can be particularly effective in treating conditions such as muscle tension, fatigue, and insomnia. 

75 mins £90.00

hopi SW.png

Hopi Ear Candling

A natural and deeply relaxing therapy used traditionally by the Native American Hopi Indian tribe.

This holistic treatment is completely painless and works both on a physical and spiritual level. 
This treatment is excellent for anyone who suffers from sinusitis, headaches, migraines, head colds, hayfever and excessive ear wax.

45 mins  £55.00

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